FKR-2 Phase Protection Board

FKR-2 Phase Protection Board

Code : 0FKR02

FKR-2 Phase Protection Board is used in elevators with inverter. Thanks to the phase control relay and the rescue control relay on it, it enables the inverter to switch to the rescue by pulling the rescue contactor.

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  • 100 = 24 VDC
  • 1000 =0 VDC
  • R,S,T = 380VAC
  • N = Nötür
  • PTC = Engine Thermostat Input
  • COM = Relay Contact Middle Terminal (For Phase Error)
  • NO = Relay Contact Normally Open (For Phase Failure)
  • COM = Relay Contact Mid Terminal (For Inverter)
  • NO = Relay Contact Normally Open (For Inverter)
  • Box Weight1,66 kg
  • Box Size50x9,8x9,8 cm³
  • Total box16
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