Pro-Tection Shaft Protection card

Pro-Tection Shaft Protection card

Code: 0KART4

If people who are not in charge of the elevator open the landing doors using the elevator key, they may endanger the safety of the elevator. In order to prevent this situation, our Shaft Protection Card “Protection” has been developed to protect the elevator and ensure the safety of the system in case the elevator doors are opened manually. “Pro-Tection Well Protection Card” has an INPUT and controls the manually opened landing doors and activates the protection relay in case one of the doors is opened, it cuts the stop circuit of the elevator system and takes the system under control. When the warning light comes on, it indicates that the system is under protection. It saves the information on the card when the power is cut off and turned on again.

The protection can be disabled by pressing two keys on the card, which is well known among elevator repairmen.

“Pro-Tection Shaft Protection Board” can be applied externally to all control panels without shaft protection feature.

  • Feed :24-30 VDC (100, 100)
  • Login :24 VDC
  • Exit :10 A Contact Output.
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