PUK60 — 60 В постоянного тока + ИБП

PUK60 — 60 В постоянного тока + ИБП

кода: 0PUK01

PUK60 is used to take the cabin to the fl oor and eVAC uation for inverters compatible with 60 VDC voltage input. It is a 600 VA UPS output power supply, used by connecting 5 pieces 12V/7Ah ( 60V/7Ah ) batteries. 1. PUK 60 starts supplying (with the power from batteries) control cabinet and elevator doors as soon as 220 VAC main supply is cut. When eVAC uation contactor is closed, it starts supplying 60 VDC to the inverter power inlets and eVAC uation process starts. PUK 60, provides UPS output for 5 minutes. A buzzer sound will be heard during the process and just before the end of eVAC uation the sound will change to indicate that it is fi nishing. Then cuts the UPS output and keeps the batteries safe. 2. When mains supply is on again, PUK60 starts supplying control cabinet with mains supply and charges the batteries. 3. There are W type circuit breakers for both battery circuit and 220 VAC circuit which helps for easier maintances and safety. 4. PUK60 output is short circuit and overload proof. When it occurs, PUK 60 keep the system safe by cutting the ouput and indicator LED flashes. 5. Main supply and battery status can be checked through indicator LEDs. 6. In addition to OUTL UPS output, there is also ZR contact output with 9 second delay.

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  • Вес ящика: 6,70 кг
  • Размеры коробки: 22x19,2x20 см³
  • Единицы коробки: 1 единица
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